XVI Open composers competition named after Andrey Petrov
XV Open composers competition named after Andrey Petrov
With the support of:

Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation
Committee for culture of St. Petersburg
Federal Directorate of Music and Festival Programs «ROSCONCERT»
Russian Musical Union
National Fund for сultural Innovations «Peter the Great»

In 2021, the competition was held in the categories «Song and pop romance», and for the first time in the nomination «Andrey Petrov of the 21st century» for the best author's version (cover) of a song by Andrey Petrov. 470 applications were sent to the competition from 80 cities and towns of Russia, as well as from Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, USA, Belgium and Estonia. The final of the competition in the format of a public performance was held on October 9, 2021 in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Musical Comedy Theater. Leading artists of musical theaters working in the genre of musical, song and romance were invited to participate in the concert, among them: Nadezhda ALEKSEEVA, Oleg ALMAZOV, Manana GOGITIDZE, Nadezhda GORELOVA, Maria IVASHCHENKO, Alexander KRASOVITSKY, Igor KROL, Igor MARCHENKO, Axinia MINENKOVA, Vera SVESHNIKOVA and Tina SHAGEEVA-KOTSYURBIY and others. The concert was held with the participation of the Chamber orchestra «CONTINUO» conducted by Vladimir KIRASIROV.

Competition results:

Nomination «Song and pop romance»

I prize
Dmitry KOVZEL (Saint Petersburg)
The song «Remember me»

II prize
Vyacheslav OSMININ (Moscow)
The song «Lullaby»

III prize and «Audience prize»
Ilya RAZIN (Saint Petersburg)
The song «Extension of days»

Diploma holder
Svetlana STEPANOVA (Moscow)
The song «Exhale»

Diploma holder
Vladislav MOZHAYKIN (Syktyvkar)
The song «Peace»

Diploma holder
Olga MINENKOVA (Minsk, Belarus)
The song «My Dream»

Nomination «Andrey Petrov of the 21st century»

I prize
Reggae band «Akimama» (St. Petersburg)
A cover version of Andrey Petrov's song
«Call Kolya» from the movie «My Good Dad»

The jury members in 2021:

Eduard ARTEMYEV - Chairman of the jury, composer, People's Artist of Russia
Alexander BOGACHEV - pianist, arranger, teacher
Stanislav VAZHOV
- composer
Oleg GRABKO - music producer, founder of the company «Bomba Piter»
Marina LANDA - composer, director of the Marina Landa Children's Theater
Maxim LEONIDOV - composer, singer, theater and film actor
Oleg NESTEROV - musician, poet and composer, producer, TV presenter, writer
Sergei SKRIPKA - conductor, People's Artist of Russia
Svetlana SURGANOVA - singer, songwriter, leader of the band «Surganova and orchestra»
Konstantin UCHITEL - Doctor of Art History, producer, theater historian

«Remember me», lyrics V. Tushnova, performed by Nadezhda ALEKSEEVA
Vyacheslav OSMININ
«Lullaby», lyrics A. Kovrizhnykh and D. Razumovskaya, performed by Nadezhda GORELOVA
«Extension of days», lyrics by the author of music, performed by Alexander KRASOVITSKY
«Exhale», lyrics by the author of the music, performed by Vera SVESHNIKOVA
«Peace», lyrics A. Pashnev, performed by Igor Marchenko
«My dream», lyrics by the author of the music, performed by Aksinya MINENKOVA
Reggae band «Akimama»
Cover version of Andrey Petrov's song «Call Kolya» from the movie «My Good Dad»