XVI Open composers competition named after Andrey Petrov
III Composers competition
named after Andrey Petrov
Nominations «Pop song and romance»

The idea of the competition of composers named after A.P. Petrova was born in the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg in 2006 - 2007 with the goal of keeping the memory of the outstanding composer, the long-term chairman of the Union of Composers Andrei Petrov, as well as to stimulate composers to create new works. The competition was founded by the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg, the Philharmonic Society of St. Petersburg, the Russian Authors Society and the St. Petersburg Heritage and Perspective Regional Fund. In the previous two years, the competition, open to all authors, regardless of age and place of residence, was successfully held simultaneously in two categories - symphonic music and pop song and romance, causing great interest both among potential participants and listeners.

Since 2009, the organizers of the contest decided to hold it in turn in one of the two above-mentioned nominations. In 2009, the competition was held in the nomination «Pop song and pop romance». Organizers: Andrey Petrov Foundation and the production center «Art Assemblies», with the support of the St. Petersburg Musical Fund.

At the Third Composers Competition named after Andrey Petrov organization committee has received more than four hundred songs and romances from 68 cities and towns of Russia, as well as five neighboring countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Ukraine. Throughout his life, Andrey Petrov tried as much as possible to help his colleagues on the difficult path of composing music. I would like to believe that the contest of his name will help its participants to find the way to the hearts of listeners. We wish creative success to all finalists, as well as those who still have everything ahead!

The winners of the III Composers competition
named after Andrey Petrov:

I prize
Natalya LEBEDEVA, «Late Call» (St. Petersburg)

II prize divided between:
Oksana PYATKOVA, «Thank you» (Altai Territory, Zarinsk) 
Igor EGIKOV, «St. Petersburg Waltz» (Moscow) 

III prize was awarded to three participants:
Valery BROVKO, «Shepherd's Month» (St. Petersburg) 
Vladislavs NASTAVSHEVS, «We are coming to me» (Latvia, Riga) 
Pavel TURSUNOV, «Across the River Across the River» (Moscow Region, Odintsovo District) 

Audience Award
Evgeny KAZANOVSKY, «Love That Caught Me» (St. Petersburg)

Ivan MESCHANINOV, «Lullaby» (Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk) 
Ekaterina CHERNYSHEVA, «My Love Is Melting» (Tyumen) 
Gala «Rose» ROMANOVA, «Sacred Madness» (St. Petersburg) 
Nadezhda FILATOVA, «This is the month of May» (Moscow) 

Jury members:

Alexey RYBNIKOV - chairman of the jury, people's artist of Russia, composer
Evgeny DOGA - People's Artist of the USSR, composer 
Vadim BIBERGAN - People's Artist of Russia, composer 
Sergey BANEVICH - Honored Artist of Russia, composer 
Victor RAKOV - People's Artist of Russia, actor 
Marina LANDA - composer, TV and radio host 
Andrey ALEKSEEV - Honored Artist of Russia, Conductor 
Andrey SIGLE - Honored Artist of Russia, composer, producer 
Stanislav VAZHOV - Laureate of the National Theater Award «Golden Mask», composer
Andrey LEDENEV - composer 

Andrey Petrov Foundation 
Art-Assemblies company 

Supported by: 
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation 
St. Petersburg Committee for Culture 

Natalia LEBEDEVA. «Late Call», lyrics and arr. Natalia Lebedeva, vocal Anastasia Travkina
Oksana PYATKOVA. «Thank you», lyrics Oksana Pyatkova and Svetlana Fedorova, arr. Andrey Medvedev, vocal Elena Vasilieva
Igor EGIKOV. «St. Petersburg Waltz», arr. Igor Egikov, lyrics Alexei Rafiev, vocal Alexey Rybakov
Valeria BROVKO. «Shepherd's Month», arr. Valeria Brovko, lyrics T. Kalinina, vocal Elena Pervozvanskaya
Vladislavs NASTAVSHEVS. «We are coming to me», lyrics Vladislavs Nastavshevs, arr. Andrey Medvedev, vocal Alexander Chernyshev.
Pavel TURSUNOV. «Over the river over the river», lyrics Pavel Tursunov, arr. Andrey Medvedev, vocal Sergey Zykov
Eugene KAZANOSKY. «Love that overtook me», arr. Eugene Kazanovsky and Anna Veselova, vocal Anna Makarenko
Ivan MESCHANINOV. «Lullaby», lyrics Ivan Meshchaninov, arr. Andrey Medvedev, vocal Peter Zakharov
Ekaterina CHERNYSHEVA. «Melting my love», lyrics Ekaterina Chernysheva and Petra Gradova, arr. Igor Dunkul, vocal Julia Polyanskaya
Gala «Rosa» ROMANOVA. «Sacred Madness», lyrics Boris Rodina, arr. Valery Minkin, vocal Anatoly Tukish
Nadezhda FILATOVA. «This is the month of May», arr. Filatova Nadezhda, vocal Petr Zakharov and the ensemble «Vocal Champions»