XVI Open composers competition named after Andrey Petrov
VII Composers competition
named after Andrey Petrov
Nominations «Pop song and romance»

In 2013, 320 songs and romances from 81 cities and towns of Russia, as well as six countries of near and far abroad: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the United States and Ukraine, entered the competition. As a result of a two-stage anonymous listening, the jury has selected 12 songs that were performed in the first part of the final concert of the competition.

The third - final round of the competition took place at the State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg on September 22, 2013 in the form of a public concert listening to selected twelve songs that were performed by the Tauride Chapel International Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Golikov. The concert was attended by leading Russian pop soloists from St. Petersburg and Moscow: Sergey Rogozhin, Elena Zabrodina, Mikhail Lukonin, Anna Malysheva, Vadim Michman, Rostislav Kolpakov, Yana Leontyeva, PlusFive band, Lilia Zamulina, Igor Filatov, Anastasia Andrianova, Tatyana Semenova, Denis Zakirov and others.

The winners of the VII Composers competition
named after Andrey Petrov:

I prize
Elena PISARSKAYA, song «No Pain» (St. Petersburg)

II prize awarded to:
Anatoly KALVARSKY, song «Music» (St. Petersburg) 
Vitaliy DYACHENKO, song «May» (Moscow) 

III prize awarded to: 
Mikhail DENEGA (Moscow Region, Khimki) for the song «Cherry Blossoms» 
Ekaterina KARNISHOVA (Saint-Petersburg) for the song «Will I» 
Andrey ZUBETS (Moscow) for «Song of Lelia» 

Jury members:

Gennady GLADKOV - chairman of the jury,
composer, people's artist of the Russian Federation
Sergey BANEVICH - composer, honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Vadim BIBERGAN - composer, people's artist of the Russian Federation 
Stanislav VAZHOV - composer
Oleg GRABKO - music producer, CEO of Bomba-Peter 
Igor EGIKOV - composer 
Marina LANDA - television and radio host,
 artistic director of the Music Theater for Children  
Andrey LEDENEV - composer 
Maxim LEONIDOV - singer, composer, actor 
Sergey SKRIPKA - artistic director and chief conductor
of the Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography,
people's Artist of the Russian Federation 

Andrey Petrov Foundation
Art-Assemblies company 

Supported by: 
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation 
St. Petersburg Committee for Culture 

Elena PISARSKAYA. «No Pain», lyrics by author of music. Vocal Anna Malysheva, piano solo Alexander Bogachev
«Music», lyrics by O. Klimenkova. Vocal Sergey Rogozhin
Vitaliy DYACHENKO. «Maybe», lyrics by L. Zamulina.
Vocal Lilia Zamulina, guitar solo Igor Zotochev
Mikhail DENEGA.
«Cherry Blossoms», lyrics by author of music. Vocal Igor Filatov
«Will I», lyrics by A. Malysheva. Vocal Anna Malysheva
Andrey ZUBETS. «Song of Lelya», lyrics by A. Kortneva. Vocal Vadim Michman, clarinet solo Mikhail Mering