XVI Open composers competition named after Andrey Petrov
Nomination «Symphonic music»
Saint-Petersburg 2022
Welcome to the website of the Open composers competition named after Andrey Petrov!

For any composer, the most important thing is to make his music come to life in performance. Open Composers Competition named after Andrei Petrov is an exceptional opportunity to be heard, it is an inspiration to compose new works, and this is the excitement of the game! The competition is held annually in turn in one of two categories - «symphonic music» and «song or pop romance». Exactly these were the genres in which Andrey Petrov wrote most of his works and earned truly popular admiration and recognition. Your task: write bravely, professionally, anonymously and send to us. Our task: to provide the best jury members consisting from composers, conductors and musicians of various specialties, ensure the anonymity of the participants for the highest possible objectivity of evaluations, and organize the final concert. Inspiration and good luck!

Dear friends!

The Composers Competition named after Andrey Petrov, which will takes place in St. Petersburg, over the years has gained a reputation as a highly professional and honest competition. For many authors it has become an inspiration and goal to write new music compositions, often the competition gave to these compositions a new life, and they were performed in different halls in different cities and countries. I really would like that this time the music of the competition winners find a new interesting concert life!

I wish inspiration to all participants of the contest! And to listeners and spectators - vivid impressions! 

President of the Andrey Petrov Foundation
Natalia Efimovna Petrova
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