XVI Open composers competition named after Andrey Petrov
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  • Special Prize from the Mitrofan Belyayev Foundation


The Mitrofan Belyayev Foundation made a decision to establish a special prize for the Andrey Petrov composers competition. The curators of the Foundation - Serge CHEREPNIN, Victor KISIN and Andrey BOREIKO, upon completion of the final of the competition, will choose the winner of the prize. 

The Mitrofan Belyayev Foundation was founded in 1884 by the remarkable St. Petersburg Maecenas Mitrofan Petrovich Belyaev (1836 - 1903) in support of Russian composers and musicians. In 1885, Mitrofan Petrovich founded the music publishing house «M.P. Belaieff, Leipzig», whose activities continue under the leadership of the Foundation to this day. Catalog «M.P. Belyaev» includes hundreds of works - from classics of Russian music to contemporary authors. The first curators of the Foundation were N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, A.K. Glazunov, A.K. Lyadov. Later, the curators included Nikolay and Alexander Cherepnin, Andrey Volkonsky, Arvo Pärt, Victor Suslin, Gia Kancheli. The curator of the Fund since 1977 is Serge Cherepnin, since 2008 - Viktor Kisin, since 2020 - Andrey Boreiko.

I am for such symphonic music that…
I am for such symphonic music that would find a way to the hearts of a wide circle of listeners, and would not be the sphere of interest of a narrow circle of aesthetes. (Andrey Petrov)
An honorary resident of St. Petersburg
A European, American or Asian is usually not particularly impressed with either the rank or regalia or the position of the guests. But when people in Poland, Israel, and China found out that I was an honorary resident of St. Petersburg, the reaction was invariably no less stormy than if they said that I was a Nobel laureate. And, of course, I want to conform to such ideas, strive for an ideal that for me is largely connected with the true St. Petersburg moral behavior of Dmitry Shostakovich and Dmitry Likhachev. With their life, they showed that being a Saint-Petersburger is not only great happiness, but also a high mission.